Why DVNT (De.Vi.Ant)?!?

Why, the absolute fck would anyone name their company deviant anything? Simply put, our approach is much like what defines a deviant. We deviate from norms of social behavior and expectation or pattern. When it comes to graphics we are not some cookie cutter agency trying to reproduce what's trending. We incorporate a level of attitude only the black sheep, the underdog, the rebel, would appreciate. 


DVNT Digital is the aftermath of surrendering over a decade of my life to visually uplifting companies in aesthetic parell. Gone are the days of masquerading in my power tie and pretending like I am even vaguely interested in what some sht-for-brains business owner has to say about my reserved demeanor and apparent disconnect from colleagues at happy hour. 


I refuse to believe hard work is second to kissing *ss and worshipping the ground your check-signing superior walks on. Dignity created DVNT Digital. Raw f*cking talent and the hunger to persevere will keep it thriving. My creativity is my weapon and it landed us here, with you... reading my final nod to the rat race.  - Christopher Elliott 



T        @DVNTDigital 




          (201) 918-1006 

           Rutherford, New Jersey